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  • Category: Circuit boards with hot melt adhesive
  • Name: Flame retardant electronic hot melt adhesive
  • Introduce:

    Technical data:

    Product Name:Flame retardant electronic hot melt adhesive


    Model NO.:1107-140

    Color:Milk white

    Soften Point:140℃


    Vibration resistance:3000px free fall test (no crack)

    Tools required:250W High temperature hot melt glue guns

    Operating Temperature:160-200℃


    Features of flame retardant electronic hot melt adhesive

    1.According with RoHS and REACH

    2.According with UL standard and flame retardant

    3.Solvent free, no stimulation, no corrosion, good insulation, high temperature resistance, strong adhesion, cured in a short time and easy to operate.

    Typical use of flame retardant electronic hot melt adhesive

    1107-140 is a high temperature resistance flame retardant electronic hot melt adhesive which is widely used in bonding variety power supplies,such as high power switching power supply,stabilized power supply,DC power supply,AC power supply,adapters,batteries,electronic components on PCB boards,capacitances,inductances and coils in control panel of electronic appliances and so on.

    Cautions of flame retardant electronic hot melt adhesive

    1).Keep the operating temperature on 160-200℃.Avoiding long time continuously high temperature heating,it would affect the viscosity of the hot melt adhesives

    2).Sample testing and make sure these hot melt adhesives are suitable for your need before mass using

    3).Do not touch the melting glue and metal nozzles of the glue gun during operation.

    4).Ware protecting gloves before using.

    5).Recommend to use 200-250W hot melt glue gun for melting these hot melt adhesives.It could improve the working efficiency