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Hot melt Connord and Hefei Meiling serve four-year high temperature hot melt adhesive

Date:2013-05-03  Views:10

 Hefei Meiling Co., Ltd. (Meiling) electrical appliance manufacturer in China, one The Meiling refrigerator is one of the first Chinese brand-name products, -192 ° C the world's coldest refrigerator. The Meiling brand is included in the most valuable brand in China, six times the national "home appliances to the countryside" project specific brands.

 Meiling from cooperation since 2009 Connord, the procurement the Connord high temperature hot melt adhesive, flame retardant hot melt adhesive and matching hot melt glue gun, quality remained stable, timely delivery, which is why we insist on with Noel cooperation the main reason. The Procurement the hot melt choose Connord!

High temperature hot melt adhesive

Electronic appliances with high temperature hot melt adhesive typical use

 1107-140 is a flame retardance according to UL compliant electronic appliances with high temperature hot melt adhesive, suitable for bonding and fixed of electronic components, electrical, audio, optical, power supply, battery charger, power cable, adapter, LED lamps, ballasts, televisions, refrigerators, computers, telephones, fans, induction cooker, soybean milk machine, electric kettle control panel parts insulation, dustproof, shockproof, fixed, and then filled. For computer, metal, ABS, acrylic and large electronic products bonding and fixed.

Fridge components fixed with high temperature hot melt adhesive

 If you have more than high-temperature hot melt adhesive, questions or other hot melt adhesive interested, please contact our online customer service, or call 400 -0760-187, Connord the first time for your service, Thank you! Connord advantage:prompt delivery, the morning orders shipped in the afternoon, 99% the day of delivery. Tracking transport services.

 Morning and afternoon delivery orders, orders in the afternoon the next day morning delivery, 99% the day of delivery. Tracking transport services. Division I after signing the contract for an ample supply of goods, warehousing costs savings for you.